Any good agent can help you find a house. A great one will help you find a home. The trouble is telling the difference. Consider the following six tips whenever you’re choosing to work with a real estate agent.


Personality Fit

First and foremost, you want to make sure you get along with your agent. Not only should you like the person you’re working with, but you need to know that they’re someone you can count on.

A great agent will listen to your wants and won’t waste time on properties that don’t fit your needs. Think about who you’d like to spend the next few months working with and go from there.


Years of Experience

Most experts suggest that you should work with a real estate agent with at least five years of experience. Reason being: they’ve most likely dealt with a similar sort of situations as yours.

That said, less experience isn’t always a setback. Sometimes it means a smaller client base, meaning they will have more time to work with your directly.

Ask yourself what you really want from this experience. If you want to connect with your real estate agent, the latter might be the way to go.


Speak to Your Prospective Agent’s Previous Clients

Unless you’ve been referred by a friend or family member, ask your agent for a list of their previous clients. In only a few minutes over the phone, you should be able to paint a pretty clear picture of the person you may be working with. If anyone is particularly critical, it’s probably a good sign to look somewhere else.


Look at their current listings

If you’re unsure of your agent’s expertise, check out their current listings online. Depending on what kind of properties they have posted, you’ll be able to get a good sense of what they’ve worked with in the past.

Keep an eye out for the number of listings there also. If there are way too many to count, you could end up at the bottom of their priority list.


Ask about the area

Your agent’s understanding of the immediate area is an important thing to consider when deciding if you want to work with them.

Ask about properties in the neighborhood that are for sale or have recently sold. If they can recall details off the top of their head, you’re on the right track. An agent’s ability to be on top of the market is a good indicator that they are experienced and reliable. It also shows that they’ve done their homework and are interested in the industry at large.


Are they an Award Winner?

When choosing a real estate agent, a trophy case chock-full of awards isn’t exactly necessary…but it is nice to have. Even if they’ve been named “REALTOR® of the Year” at their brokerage, you’ll know they are someone you want in your corner.



When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, never settle on second best. Your confidence is the most important thing and a great agent will inspire it. Ask as many questions as you can and make certain that they’re right for you. You don’t need to rush into anything, so keep your options open. Take a look at our list of unparalleled REALTORS®!